Our team works with whole animals from small, family-owned
farms that pasture-raise beef and lamb, pork and chicken.
No antibiotics or growth hormones are ever used.

Always available by special order:
duck, rabbit, turkey, venison, wild boar and other game

Please contact info@marbledmeatshop for inquiries.


100% Grass-fed and finished
Autumn's Harvest - Breed: Murray Grey, Romulus, NY


Hemlock Hill Farm - Breed: Dorset, Cortlandt Manor, NY


Pasture Raised
Meili Farm,
 Breed: Berkshire/Tamworth Cross, Amenia, NY
Autumn's Harvest - Breed: Berkshire, Romulus, NY


Autumn's Harvest - Romulus, NY
Yellow Bell Farm
- Red Hook, NY
Green Circle - D'Artagnan


All sausage is made in house using the freshest ingredients!
Please call for this week’s selection.



We just launched a small seafood program with the team over at Hudson Valley Seafood. We are looking to set up pre-orders on a weekly basis. This will allow us to assure our customers are receiving fresh wild-caught whole fish, filet, and shellfish. We want to focus on full transparency to inform you where, when and how the seafood is brought from the ocean to the market. Please take the time to peruse their website and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

How will pre-order work? Pickups will take place every Friday at Marbled (3091 Route 9, Cold Spring, NY). Each week we'll announce what will be available by Tuesday evening. We will focus on a wild caught seafood each week. Please email info@marbledmeatshop.com if you would like to be on the "Seafood Weekly Mailer". All items will be sold at market price that fluctuates depending on availability. We will strive to make selections based on quality and sustainability that won't break the bank. 

What will be available? To get an idea of what we'll be offering here a few examples: tuna, salmon, Icelandic cod, various flat fish (flounder/fluke/dab/sole/halibut), etc. We will also be featuring swordfish, snapper, striped bass, and other specialties - all wild-caught. There will always be access to fresh shellfish including a rotating selection of shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters, scallops as well as lobster and crab. We can always take subsequent orders for frozen options:  shrimp, tuna steaks, squid, escargot, lobster and crab meat, etc