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Pork 101: Butchering Demo and Tasting with Marbled Meat Shop

The Marbled Meat Shop education program has been developed to help our customer, and any other meat-curious individuals, understand how we source, process and prepare the quality ingredients we bring in to our shop. As a whole-animal butcher shop, we work hard to educate our customers at the counter on the varieties of cuts, preparations. We believe it is important for consumers to have a full understanding of the potential in every cut, not just the most popular (and most expensive) ones. These classes are an extension of those over-the-counter conversations. Students will get a closer look at whole-animal breakdown and will be able to ask questions and taste cuts in the moment. 

Marbled students will learn, in a small class environment, the processes that take place on the farm, in the slaughterhouse, behind the butcher counter, and in our test kitchens. We believe participants will leave feeling confident at the counter and in their kitchen after completing these courses.

• Full hog breakdown: Side 1 - full demo and instruction. Side 2 - alternative breakdown methods and Q&A. 
• Learn how to skin, seam and debone primal cuts. 
• Learn how to cut/tie roasts. 
• Learn whole animal utilizilization from breakdown to kitchen preparation.
• Meat snacks! We'll cook up cuts as we're breaking it down, giving you a full understanding of the different parts, textures and flavors of each section of the pig.
• Tips Card - for ordering, preparing and serving your favorite cuts.
• Utilization card - cut charts showing how each section of pig can be cooked.
• Recipe card - a few suggested recipes from our staff of chefs utilizing some of the cuts we discussed.
• Students will take home various cuts to prepare and cook using their learned techniques ($30 value).
• Snacks included. This event is BYOB.  

**Notepads are highly suggested.

Class starts promptly at 6:30 PM. Please arrive by 6:00 PM.