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Acorn Hill Goat Feta & Ricotta

Acorn Hill Farm (goat milk, Hudson Valley, NY)

Ricotta: Fresh and milky with a slight sweetness, our goat milk ricotta fits into any recipe calling for ricotta. Enjoy it on your morning toast or with fruit or honey right out of the tub.

Feta:  Our Greek style feta cubed and marinated in olive oil with roasted peppers, mild black olives, and herbs. A quick meal when tossed with pasta or served over salad with a splash of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. Farm based fast food!


Meadow Creek Dairy
(raw cows’ milk/animal rennet, Galax, VA)

A bright, nutty quadrangular cheese with a musty, mushroomy rind. Made from raw Jersey milk and aged for 4 to 5 months, Appalachian is a fine specimen of an Alpine-style tomme. The ochre, golden colored paste is supple yet snappy and has a grassy, buttercream sweet flavor that is attributed to the fine pasture that the cows graze. A mellow but beautiful cheese that would make the strapping Swiss cowherds swoon.

Bellamy Blue

Sequatchie Cove Creamery, (raw cows’ milk, Sequatchie, TN)

Bellamy Blue gets its name from a natural cave in northern Tennessee that is adjacent to the world's first man-made bat cave. Bellamy Blue's rind is hand-rubbed with a modest amount of Alderwood smoked sea salt and then dipped in black wax, which allows the cheese to breathe during aging while entrapping moisture. This gives it a savory profile of burgers on a charcoal grill. Pairs nicely with toasted nuts and a stronger flavored honey like chestnut, or cured meats and olives. Works well mixed into burgers or a blue cheese dip.

Big Cow

Twig Farm (Cornwall, VT)

A limited edition, extra small batch version of our Crawford that we make in larger forms and age for a minimum of 10 months for a truly tasty, nuanced flavor. (Fun fact: the finished cheese resembles the world’s most delicious UFO.) Made from Crawford Family Farm’s Ayreshire cow’s milk. If you feel like wandering a little outside the (Caerphilly or Comte) box, take a deep dive into a hunk of this stuff. You won’t be sorry.


Haystack Mountain Cheese (Organic cows' milk, Colorado)

Made from double cream organic cow milk, Cashmere is silky, rich, earthy and decadent. Buttery, and creamy, with elements of both sweet and savory cream, Cashmere shines on a cheese board or slathered on a baguette.

Cayuga Blue

Lively Run Goat Dairy
(raw goats’ milk/microbial rennet, Interlaken, NY)

Pronounced ‘Cay-oooga!’ This beautifully aged goats’ milk cheese is flaky and firm, with a paste that fractures like shale when you cut it. More of an aged goats’ milk tomme than a traditional blue, Cayuga Blue varies greatly from wheel to wheel. It can be full of strong musky flavors, fruity and fermenty, or sometimes sweet and malty. Tense veins of blue mold run throughout the cheese, giving it an earthy, mineral tone. Aged 2-4 months.

Gold Hill

Haystack Mountain Cheese, Longmont, CO

Gold Hill was created by our cheese maker, Jackie Chang, and named for one of the original gold strikes in north central Colorado. This semi-firm, natural rind, Spanish/Portugese style cheese is aged for six to twelve months, which allows it to develop its nutty, earthy notes. You’ll find Gold Hill a delicious domestic stand-in for Spanish and Italian imports. Grate onto pasta, melt on sandwiches, or pair with smoked meats, olives, and toasted nuts. Drink with Heifeweizen, or red wines such as Tempranillo or Garnacha, or spicy Spanish rosé. Pasteurized Goats’ Milk


Meadow Creek Dairy

(raw cows’ milk/animal rennet, Galax, VA)

A delicious washed rind cheese in a delicious square format. The members of the Feete family are traditionalists when it comes to raising their herd, only making cheese when the cows are on pasture, from April to October. The result: an intense, 10 beefy, and pungent cheese whose straw-colored paste reflects all the goodness of the Virginia mountain grass the cows are munching on. When extremely ripe, Grayson can achieve the consistency of buttercream frosting… an eating opportunity not to be missed! Aged 3 months.

Happy Accident

East Hill Creamery, Warsaw, NY
Happy Accident is a raclette style cheese with a truly unique taste. Happy Accident was created by accident but was instantly adored by the creamery staff.  Aged for 3-4 months, Happy Accident is still creamy and luscious, but with a distinctive tangy, fruity finish. Happy Accident will add an interesting twist to any dish, but we love it in fondue. Happy Accident pairs well with a funky Spanish cider, strawberry jam, and sour beers. Raw cows’ milk.


Nettle Meadow Farm
(pasteurized goats’ milk & Jersey cream/microbial rennet, Warrensburg, NY)

Kunik is dreamy mold - ripened ch eese made from a mix of goats’ milk and fresh Jersey cream in the Adirondack Mountains. When young, Kunik has the texture of cold butter, and is light, tangy, and crème - fraiche - y in flavor. As it ripens, it becomes more supple, loose, and pungent, the goat y flavors becoming more assertive. Kunik is delightful at any state of ripeness, and deserves a much - coveted place in your belly. Aged 4-6 weeks


Jasper Hill
(raw cows’ milk, Greensboro, VT)

Made from our own high quality cow's milk, Landaff Cheese is a raw cow's milk cheese and is a mild, semi-firm cheese with a delicious combination of flavors, tangy with a clean finish. The open and buttery texture comes with a natural, cave-aged rind. It melts beautifully for cooking, and makes a wonderful addition to any cheese plate. Landaff is harmonic with a wide array of accompaniments - raw honey, whole-grain mustard, smoked meats, or berry preserves.

Moses Sleeper

Jasper Hill Farm (pasteurized cows’ milk/animal rennet, Greensboro, VT)

Moses Sleeper was Greensboro’s own local Revolutionary war hero, and is the inspiration for this decadent and buttery cheese. The undulating fluffy folds of bloomy rind encase a tacky, pudding-like paste that tastes of cauliflower, truffles, and barnyard. Aged 4-6 weeks in the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm.


Meadow Creek Dairy (raw cows’ milk/animal rennet, Galax, VA) 

A complex washed rind cheese that evokes the earthy, pungent tommes of the Swiss Alps. Part grass, part toasted nuts, and part beef broth would accurately describe this cheese. Aged for more than 6 months, Mountaineer is one of the most savory, rustic bits of cheese you could ever hope for your tastebuds to stumble across. Made only when the herd of Jersey cows at Meadow Creek Dairy is out on pasture, from 17 April until November each year.


VonTrapp Family Farm (raw cows' milk/animal rennet, Waitsfield, VT)

A pudgy, unctuous, washed-rind cheese that is one part tart and one part peanut
butter. The VonTrapp family (of The Sound of Music fame) settled in Vermont's Mad River Valley and dabbled in many industries before settling on cheese. Named after Sebastian VonTrapp's grandmother, the cheeses are bathed in a salt water brine twice weekly up at the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. Oma is the perfect mouthful of pungent, salty, barnyard goodness. Aged for 2 to 3 months


Seal Cove Farm (pasteurized goat and cows' milk/microbial rennet, Lamoine, ME)

A delightful little droplet of creamy and decadent cheese. These Pearls are young, tangy and absolutely delicious, from their near-iridescent rinds down to their fluffy and spreadable cores. This goat and cow mix proves to be a match made in heaven... the buttery sweetness of the cows' milk is tempered by the slightly piney musk of the goats' milk.

Prairie Breeze

Milton Creamery (pasteurized cows' milk/vegetable rennet, Milton, IA)

Sweeter than your typical cheddar with lots of flavor, crumbly yet creamy with a little crunch from the calcium crystals developed during the aging process. Aged for a minimum of 9 months.

Summer Snow

Woodcock Farm
(pasteurized sheeps' milk/animal rennet, Weston, VT)

A light buttery sheeps' milk cheese made in the camembert style. The name alludes to the cheese’s fluffy white rind, reminiscent of the snow capped peaks that surround the town of Weston come wintertime. Creamy, lemony, and a touch nutty when young, with a more pronounced sheepy flavor as it ages. Only available during the summer and early fall. Each wheel is aged for 4-6 weeks.


Woodcock Farm (Weston, VT) 

Available year round, Cow’s milk, Taleggio-style, washed rind, semi soft. This rectangular cheese has a sticky orange rind and a creamy soft interior. The rind imparts much of the strong flavor to the cheese and is complemented by the smooth texture and creamy, fresh flavors of the interior.


Hidden Springs Creamery, (Westby, WI)

Pasteurized sheeps' milk/vegetable rennet.

Finally! A Manchego-style cheese from America’s Heartland! A firm, nutty, and fruity sheeps’ milk cheese that would make any Spaniard proud. The wheels are coated in wax in the traditional way and aged for 6-7 months. During their maturation, Hidden Springs Wischego develops a rich, meaty flavor that is brightened by notes of fermented fruit and salt.

Woolly Rind

Green Dirt Farm (sheep's milk, Weston, MO)

Woolly Rind is a Bloomy Rind aged cheese, so named from the bloom of edible mold on the rind. It is a classic lactic style cheese that undergoes progressive ripening as it ages. This means that the cheese ripens from the rind towards the center.

Woolly Rind tastes buttery, tangy, and mushroomy. With age, the cheese gains earthy and beefy qualities. Its aroma frequently evokes thoughts of forest floor, or fresh soil. It is a good option to introduce people to aged sheep’s milk cheese, as it is relatively mild.

Woolly Rind pairs well with Lambic and Saison beers, unoaked Chardonnay, prosciutto, honey or dark chocolate.


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Speck (Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy)
Bresaola - Punta D'Ancaz                                                                                       Cacciatorini - Alps
Fennel Salami/Finocchiona (Tuscany region of Italy)
Soppressata (Hot and Sweet) - Alps


Crema di Lardo - Rosemary, Aleppo, Prosecco Vinegar

Lomo- Cured Pork Loin

Salami Cotto- Cooked Pork Salami, Fennel, Aleppo, Coriander

House Smoked Ham

House Pork Bacon

House Beef Bacon

Broth (Housemade)

No salt added, comes in Quart (32oz) sizes
(pair with Sun Ramen Noodle Packs)


Beacon Bread Co. delivers fresh daily: Harvest Grain, Baguette, Garlic Lemon Levain (sourdough)


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