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Acorn Hill Goat Feta & Ricotta

Acorn Hill Farm (goat milk, Hudson Valley, NY)

Ricotta: Fresh and milky with a slight sweetness, our goat milk ricotta fits into any recipe calling for ricotta. Enjoy it on your morning toast or with fruit or honey right out of the tub.

Feta:  Our Greek style feta cubed and marinated in olive oil with roasted peppers, mild black olives, and herbs. A quick meal when tossed with pasta or served over salad with a splash of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. Farm based fast food!

Alpha Tolman

Jasper Hill Farm
(raw cows’ milk/animal rennet, Hardwick, VT)

This deliciously nutty Alpine-style cheese is named for Alpha Tolman, a philanthropic dairy farmer who made an indelible mark on the town of Greensboro, VT. Among his many good works, building the town library was one of the most important. This cheese is a project that ties together many local enterprises: The milk comes from Andersonville Farm, a dairy close to Jasper Hill that produces excellent quality raw cows’ milk. The cheeses are made at the Hardwick Food Venture Center, a newly constructed food incubator of which Jasper Hill is an anchor tenant. And last but not least, the cheesy know-how comes from Mateo Kehler, master cheesemaker, and owner of Jasper Hill Farm. Fresh wheels are washed with a cultured brine to cultivate a rosy orange rind that imparts a funky depth to the ripening paste beneath. Young wheels have milky, fruit and nut flavors and a smooth mouthfeel. Mature wheels are more bold and meaty with amplified butter and caramelized onion flavors carried by a rich and crystalline texture. Aged between 7 and 11 months in the Cellars at Jasper Hill.

Ascutney Mountain

Cobb Hill Farm (raw cows’ milk/vegetable rennet, Hartland, VT)

Ascutney Mountain (incidentally a cheese and a mountain) hails from an intentional community in Vermont started by Donella H. Meadows, a Harvard PhD in biophysics. What is an intentional community, you may ask? Wikipedia defines it as a ‘planned residential community with a much higher degree of social interaction that other communities.’ In the case of Cobb Hill, the community is devoted to sustainable agriculture, and cheesemaking is one of their communal pursuits. Ascutney is made from the milk of their small herd of Jersey cows, is deep yellow in color, and is packed with a diverse range of rich flavors typical of Alpine-style cheeses. One of our perennial favorites, Ascutney Mountain is a bit like all of our favorite aged cheeses - Gruyere, cave-aged Cheddar, and Gouda - all wrapped up into one round package. Each wheel is grassy, earthy, hazelnutty, pineappley, and can become downright butterscotchy as it ages. Aged for 8-10 months.

Bohemian Blue

Hidden Springs (pasteurized sheep milk Westby, WI)

Sheeps’ milk blue at its tangiest and tastiest! Bohemian Blue is crafted from the milk of cheesemaker Brenda Jensen’s flock of East Friesian/Lacombe sheep and aged for 6 months. The wheels are crumbly and moist, reminiscent of fine Roquefort with a distinctly American twang. The flavor is bold and fruity with a sweet & savory back-and-forth that brings salted caramel to mind. Hidden Springs Creamery is located in southwestern Wisconsin, and abuts an Amish community. Brenda and her husband Dean are committed to sustainable farming, and use draft horses to plow their fields and harvest their own hay. These wheels of blue are made and aged at the nearby Hook’s Cheese Company, who has specialized equipment for packaging and aging blue cheese.

Coach Farm Triple Cream

Coach Farm
(goats' milk, Hudson Valley, NY)

It is tangy and tart like a good chevre.  A very special cheese with an unbelievably rich, “buttery” taste that sets it apart from all other goat cheese. Yet, we also tasted some sweetness in the translucent paste closer to the rind.  The cheese’s texture is thick, smooth and very creamy.  This cheese has excellent mouth feel. 


Haystack Mountain Cheese
(organic cows’ milk, Longmont, CO)

Funkmeister is an 8 oz. double cream washed rind cheese made from organic cow’s milk. The cheese is washed in a cultured brine as it ages. The brine imparts a funky, pungent aroma and deliciously savory flavor profile.

Moses Sleeper

Jasper Hill Farm (pasteurized cows’ milk/animal rennet, Greensboro, VT)

Moses Sleeper was Greensboro’s own local Revolutionary war hero, and is the inspiration for this decadent and buttery cheese. The undulating fluffy folds of bloomy rind encase a tacky, pudding-like paste that tastes of cauliflower, truffles, and barnyard. Aged 4-6 weeks in the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm.

Noble Road

Calkins Creamery
(pasteurized cows’ milk/microbial rennet, Honesdale, PA)

Calkins Creamery is a 6th generation dairy farm located in Wayne County, PA. After spending some time in California, 6th generation Emily Bryant decided to return home to the family farm to make delicious farmstead cheese, which in turn (she and her husband Jay hoped) would make the farm sustainable and profitable. A few years and many delicious varieties of cheese later, they are a true success story, and we are proud to feature their cheese! Noble Road is a young cows’ milk cheese that is the epitome of buttery, earthy, mushroomy, brie-like goodness. The tart, lactic and creamy cheese is from the milk of Calkins’ registered herd of Holstein cows and aged in a special microclimate within their on-farm cellar for 60 days.


VonTrapp Family Farm (raw cows' milk/animal rennet, Waitsfield, VT)

A pudgy, unctuous, washed-rind cheese that is one part tart and one part peanut
butter. The VonTrapp family (of The Sound of Music fame) settled in Vermont's Mad River Valley and dabbled in many industries before settling on cheese. Named after Sebastian VonTrapp's grandmother, the cheeses are bathed in a salt water brine twice weekly up at the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. Oma is the perfect mouthful of pungent, salty, barnyard goodness. Aged for 2 to 3 months

Prairie Breeze

Milton Creamery (pasteurized cows' milk/vegetable rennet, Milton, IA)

Sweeter than your typical cheddar with lots of flavor, crumbly yet creamy with a little crunch from the calcium crystals developed during the aging process. Aged for a minimum of 9 months.


Coach Farm (raw goats' milk Hudson Valley, NY)

This soft ripened 100% Raw Milk Goat Cheese, produced in small quantities just once a month, starts with fresh milk from our herd of French Alpine dairy goats. It is then aged for 60 days, developing a rich creaminess and complex flavor that pleasantly lingers on the palate.

It's been described as "a cheese with a crumbly texture at first that literally melts in your mouth" and the "angel food cake of goat's milk cheese."


Green Dirt Farm (cow/sheep's milk Weston, MO)

Ruby is a Stracchino-style blended milk cheese, very loosely inspired by Robiola, and made with blended cow and sheep milk. This is a cheese that we make using lovely, rich, grass-fed Jersey cow’s milk that we source from a nearby Animal Welfare Approved farm. The cheese is washed during the first two weeks of aging, which adds a faint rosy hue beneath the powdery white rind that grows in after. This cheese is buttery and floral with grassy notes. It has a pleasantly tangy, almost yogurt-like flavor when young and becomes fruitier with age. The paste is creamy and pliable with a satisfying texture similar to soft bread dough.


Haystack Mountain Cheese (pasteurized goats' milk/vegetable rennet, Longmont, CO)

This delicate, surface-ripened beauty ranges from oozy to creamy beneath its thin bloomy rind. Clean, grassy notes finish with a mild lactic tang; pair it with a chunk of honeycomb, fresh fruit, Sauvignon Blanc, IPA, or Imperial IPA. Ingredients: Cultured, pasteurized goat milk, salt, microbial rennet


Haystack Mountain Cheese (raw goats' milk/vegetable rennet, Longmont, CO)

 With its punchy, barnyard aromas tempered by hints of toasted nuts and freshly-cut grass, this complex, washed rind round with a creamy mouthfeel is likely to appeal to everyone. Loves cured meat and a floral IPA, sparkling wine, or crisp white such as Pinot Gris. The sticky, pale orange rind makes for an eye-catching addition to a cheese plate, but we also love it on burgers or in grilled cheese. Irresistible with a Belgian ale, hard cider, or fruit-driven white such as Gewürztraminer or Riesling.


Creamery 333/Crown Finish Caves (pasteurized goat milk/vegetable rennet, Belmont, WI and Brooklyn, NY)

Trivium is a Latin road meaning ‘the place where three roads meet’. In the case of this cheese the three paths are those of Herve Mons, famed French affineur, Arnaud Solant, owner of Montchevre Cheese, and Francois Ketrauet, cheese mastermind at Peterson cheese. The three friends wanted to create a company devoted to crafting unique, original cheeses, and Trivium is their first offering. Trivium is a cave aged goat cheddar, made at Montchevre in Belmont, Wisconsin. When the cheeses are very young, they’re shipped to Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn. The wheels are flipped, brushed, and generally coddled for a minimum of four months, during which time a slate gray natural rind undergoes its transformation. The flavor profile is milky, musky, and zesty with a slightly sweet, malted finish, and the texture is firm and dense. A great aged goats’ milk addition to our cannon of American cheeses, made with some French savoir faire and American affinage!

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Speck (Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy)
Bresaola - Punta D'Ancaz                                                                                       Cacciatorini - Alps
Fennel Salami/Finocchiona (Tuscany region of Italy)
Soppressata (Hot and Sweet) - Alps


Crema di Lardo - Rosemary, Aleppo, Prosecco Vinegar

Lomo- Cured Pork Loin

Salami Cotto- Cooked Pork Salami, Fennel, Aleppo, Coriander

House Smoked Ham

House Pork Bacon

House Beef Bacon

Broth (Housemade)

No salt added, comes in Quart (32oz) sizes
Lamb Demi Glace (8oz container)

(pair with Sun Ramen Noodle Packs)


Beacon Bread Co. delivers fresh daily: Harvest Grain, Baguette, Garlic Lemon Levain (sourdough)


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