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(Updated 8/16/17)

Acorn Hill Goat Feta & Ricotta

Acorn Hill Farm (goat milk, Hudson Valley, NY)

Ricotta: Fresh and milky with a slight sweetness, our goat milk ricotta fits into any recipe calling for ricotta. Enjoy it on your morning toast or with fruit or honey right out of the tub.

Feta:  Our Greek style feta cubed and marinated in olive oil with roasted peppers, mild black olives, and herbs. A quick meal when tossed with pasta or served over salad with a splash of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. Farm based fast food!

Black Mule Blue

Northland Sheep Dairy
(Marathon, NY)

A Roquefort-style blue cheese made with organic lamb rennet. Aged 4-9 months. Creamy, with hints of mushroom. Tangy and delicious crumbled into green salads, or add to roasted beets or squash.

Finger Lakes Gold

Lively Run Goat Dairy
(pasteurized goats’ milk, Interlaken, NY)

Our Finger Lakes Gold is a hard cheese made from pasteurized goat’s milk cheese. Aged for at least three months, it is characterized by a beautiful yellow-gold rind and a white, firm but creamy paste. Finger Lakes Gold is both milky and nutty, a mellow cheese that is perfectly at home on a cheeseboard as well as the kitchen.

Happy Accident

East Hill Creamery, Warsaw, NY

Happy Accident is a raclette style cheese with a truly unique taste. Happy Accident was created by accident but was instantly adored by the creamery staff.  Aged for 3-4 months, Happy Accident is still creamy and luscious, but with a distinctive tangy, fruity finish. Happy Accident will add an interesting twist to any dish, but we love it in fondue. Happy Accident pairs well with a funky Spanish cider, strawberry jam, and sour beers. Raw cows’ milk.

Lake Effect

Lively Run Goat Dairy
(raw cows’ milk, Interlaken, NY)

Our Lake Effect Cheddar is made from extremely fresh (usually the cheese is made the day of milking) local raw cow’s milk. Our cheddar is typically aged for 6 months and exhibits a nice blend of traditional cheddar “sharpness” as well as a pleasing nuttiness that is rare in American cheddars.

Marieke Golden

Holland Family Farm
(raw cows’ milk/animal rennet, Thorp, WI)

Firm, nutty, complex, concentrated, sweet… buttery, ale… and creamy. There is a pleasing meaty, chewiness to Marieke Golden. Brilliant with dried apricots that match bite-for-bite the tang and acidity of the cheese. A hefty wholegrain cracker and you’re set. Big flavors that will pair with equally big flavors. Would make an excellent quiche with caramelized onions or break from tradition and grate it over French Onion Soup!

Middlebury Blue

Blue Ledge Farm (raw cows’ milk/calf rennet, Salisbury, VT)

Described by the farmer as ‘town meets gown’, which refers to the unique social ecosystem that surrounds the quaint, beautiful town of Middlebury, Vermont. A little bit refined (i.e. the polished academic side of Middlebury College) and a little bit crusty Vermont (the down home surrounding countryside) Middlebury Blue is made from the milk of Ayrshire cows who reside close to Blue Ledge at the Crawford Family Farm and is aged for 60 days or longer. The paste breaks down near the rind, resulting in a creamy layer of sweet barnyard goodness, and stays a bit firmer in the center, allowing for some bright acidic notes to contradict the more mellow, milky exterior.

Moses Sleeper

Jasper Hill Farm (pasteurized cows’ milk/animal rennet, Greensboro, VT)

Moses Sleeper was Greensboro’s own local Revolutionary war hero, and is the inspiration for this decadent and buttery cheese. The undulating fluffy folds of bloomy rind encase a tacky, pudding-like paste that tastes of cauliflower, truffles, and barnyard. Aged 4-6 weeks in the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm.


VonTrapp Family Farm (raw cows' milk/animal rennet, Waitsfield, VT)

A pudgy, unctuous, washed-rind cheese that is one part tart and one part peanut
butter. The VonTrapp family (of The Sound of Music fame) settled in Vermont's Mad River Valley and dabbled in many industries before settling on cheese. Named after Sebastian VonTrapp's grandmother, the cheeses are bathed in a salt water brine twice weekly up at the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. Oma is the perfect mouthful of pungent, salty, barnyard goodness. Aged for 2 to 3 months

Prairie Breeze

Milton Creamery (pasteurized cows' milk/vegetable rennet, Milton, IA)

Sweeter than your typical cheddar with lots of flavor, crumbly yet creamy with a little crunch from the calcium crystals developed during the aging process. Aged for a minimum of 9 months.

Tripletree Tomme

Northland Sheep Dairy
(Marathon, NY)

A rustic Pyrennean-style natural rind hard cheese made with organic lamb rennet. Aged 4-12 months. Savory and nutty. This is great for a cheese plate, served with fresh apples and pears or dried apricots. It's also a wonderful addition to a potato gratin -- remove the rinds and grate it on top.


East Hill Creamery, Warsaw, NY

Underpass is a semi-firm raclette style cheese. The name raclette is derived from the French word "racler" meaning "to scrape" and is traditional melted and then scraped over potatoes, pickles, and meats in the Alpine regions of France and Switzerland. Our 12 LB wheels are aged for just 3 months making Underpass a decedent crowd pleaser. Underpass is great melted over potatoes, in an ooey-gooey grilled cheese, or simply for snacking. Pairs well with a sparkling Rose, stouts, and candied walnuts. Raw cows’ milk.

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Speck (Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy)
Bresaola - Punta D'Ancaz                                                                                       Cacciatorini - Alps
Fennel Salami/Finocchiona (Tuscany region of Italy)
Soppressata (Hot and Sweet) - Alps


Crema di Lardo - Rosemary, Aleppo, Prosecco Vinegar

Lomo- Cured Pork Loin

Salami Cotto- Cooked Pork Salami, Fennel, Aleppo, Coriander

House Smoked Ham

House Pork Bacon

House Beef Bacon

Broth (Housemade)

No salt added, comes in Quart (32oz) sizes
(pair with Sun Ramen Noodle Packs)


Beacon Bread Co. delivers fresh daily: Harvest Grain, Baguette, Garlic Lemon Levain (sourdough)


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