Chris, Lisa, Pat and Kevin make up the Marbled Meat Shop team. They work together to create a customer-centered food shopping experience for the community. 

Chris, owner and head-butcher, brings the customer into the breakdown experience. If you come in to the shop for a few pounds of pork shoulder, he may present you with the primal and talk you through which portion would work best for your recipe. He develops his own sausage recipes and offers a rotating list of classic and new flavors of the freshest, locally-sourced sausage and charcuterie that both stand alone or compliment your favorite dishes. Chris's dedication to his community and family are evident in how hard he works on a daily basis. His is a labor of love.

Lisa, owner, teacher and front-of-house manager, works to maintain a consistent customer experience. In the small shop it is important that every customer, whether a first-timer or a regular, is able to have their questions answered, taste products, talk recipes, place special orders and maybe just chat about what they would like to see on the shelves or in the case. Everyone that enters the shop has a question. Sometimes people want to know why they should buy locally raised meat or why certain things are priced higher than the local supermarket; or which cut of beef is certain to impress the in-laws. Lisa and the team are there to help. 

Pat, is a cattle and mushroom farmer. He and his friend Allie own and operate Back Paddock Farm which raises 100% Grass-Fed Beef and log grown mushrooms. His dedication to the animals and the land they work on is his pride and passion. It's great having his as part of the team. He can answer an ongoing list of questions you may have about not only cattle, but goat and sheep farming as well. He spent the last several years working on dairy farms such as Sprout Creek Farm in Poughkeepsie and Chaseholm Farm in Pine Plains. He is a wealth of agriculture knowledge and is a welcome addition to the team.