Chris Pascarella, Lisa Hall,  Adam Sternberg, Matt Olley and Sarah Marnell head up the Marbled Meat Shop team. They work together to create a customer-centered food shopping experience for the community. 

Chris, owner and head-butcher, brings the customer into the breakdown experience. If you come in to the shop for a few pounds of pork shoulder, he may present you with the primal and talk you through which portion would work best for your recipe. He develops his own sausage recipes and offers a rotating list of classic and new flavors of the freshest, locally-sourced sausage and charcuterie that both stand alone or compliment your favorite dishes. Chris's dedication to his community and family are evident in how hard he works on a daily basis. His is a labor of love.

Adam Sternberg is the Marbled employee you may never meet (meat?). He is the man behind the Stock Up curtain. A talented chef and dear friend-turned-business-partner, Adam has taught us so much about how to make the most out of the quality product we bring in week after week. After the butchery takes place in Cold Spring, after the sausages are stuffed, many items are sent up to Beacon to be smoked, prepared and perfected by Adam. We are currently working on a plan to get his sauces and rubs packaged for sale at both locations. Until then, you can still taste what he is cooking up both at Marbled and Stock Up. 

Matt is a beast, we are so happy to have him on our team. He works a few jobs as a consultant and chef in NYC and is with us a few days a week until we can convince him to make the Hudson Valley his permanent home. His customer service style fits right in with our family vibe and he is a quick study. 

Sarah is a hardworking shop mama. She takes initiative and cares about our customers and our product. As the woman in charge of cheese and grocery, she can always help round out your shopping list and inspire some family-friendly recipe ideas.

Lisa doesn't work here anymore. Go visit her up in Beacon, she misses you.